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Giving the Announcements

Giving announcements seems like a simple task. However, I have found it to be one of the most difficult responsibilities of the pastor. Because it seems so simple, little attention is given to it. But announcements serve a very valuable purpose. They can emphasize the importance of attendance at activities. It is the means of enthusiastically sharing your vision for the church.

            What is so difficult about it and why is it so important? Upcoming events are probably listed in the church bulletin, but unfortunately many do not read the bulletin. Therefore, it is necessary to publicly announce the important upcoming activities of the church. Emphasis from the pulpit will remind people of the event and encourage them to attend.

            Announcements must be given clearly and loud enough so that everyone can hear them and understand them. That means that the speaker must be loud enough, distinct enough, and clear enough for every listener.

Don’t forget the details. The date, location, and who it involves should all be stated clearly. The who, what, when, and where should be carefully included. I would suggest that the things you want to emphasize should be decided well before the service and written down on a separate piece of paper. At the conclusion of the announcements there should be no questions as to the details of the upcoming event. I wonder how often members don’t understand when or where an event is to be held?

            Not only should the announcements be heard and understand exactly what it is. Promoting events is part of giving the announcements. The announcer must be enthusiastic and persuasive. Why would people want to come to your events if you are not excited about them. For many activities members should be encouraged to bring guests with them. Many events are planned to give members an opportunity to invite friends and family.

            Some events should be emphasized more than others. There should always be one main thing that is the next big thing that should be promoted and explained. The church bulletin should contain all of the upcoming events but some events may merely be in the bulletin as upcoming, while others need to be emphasized from the pulpit. Too many announcements can take away from the most important one and the importance of the main event is lost.

            Adding something that is encouraging and memorable can make the bulletin more valuable. If done properly the announcements will give people the feeling that they don’t want to miss this event because it sounds exciting. The announcements are important enough that serious consideration and preparation should be given to them. There is a trend of having a couple of young ladies make the announcements through a video clip. I personally do not believe anyone can promote the activities of the church better than the pastor. It is the pastor that has the respect of the congregation and he is the leader with the vision to challenge the church.

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