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In Times Like These

            We are living in very unusual times in which all across America a spirit of unrest prevails. Not only in America but throughout the world there is unprecedented fear. A pandemic has taken the lives of thousands of people and in addition to that there is social turmoil, including rioting, in many of our major cities. The executive orders, by which governors and political leaders have responded to these events, shows us how easily a one world leader could take control of every nation and limit how people would be able to buy or sell without the approval of the government. We are living in extraordinary times and it seems the Lord’s coming is very near.

            We do not know when the rapture will occur or when the tribulation will begin but we know the world is ready and the stage is set for the Antichrist. The mandated lockdowns by our leader’s and their total control have revealed how easily people can surrender their individual liberties and fall in line with governmental orders.  How should these current events affect the church? Are the days of soul-winning and revival past? Is it still possible to start and build a church for the Lord?

            There is no doubt that the world is more biblically illiterate than any other time in modern history and that sin is more open and prevalent in the world than in many decades. These cultural changes have affected church planting and church building making the ministry more difficult every year. Regardless of how easy or hard it may be to build a church every preacher can be faithful to continue to witness and disciple new converts. We may not be able to control our culture or the response to our efforts but we can be sure to do our best regardless of our circumstances or the culture in which we live. The future may hold another great awakening or it may hold a great falling away.  The soil of men’s souls may be hard but our job is to break up the fallow ground. Our zeal and effort must remain the same regardless of the times in which we live.

         Whether people respond at the same rate as years before shouldn’t diminish the passion of every preacher. We should work just as hard even if we don’t see the same results as in the past. When things are difficult we must not give up or slack off. As they say, “When the going gets tough the tough get going.” There is an ebb and flow to the ministry resulting in times of growth and times of sluggishness. At one point we may be considering adding on to the auditorium and at another time it may seem that growth is stagnant. The one constant in the ministry should be our faithfulness. It is required in stewards that a man be faithful.

         If we work hard, preach the Word, pray and remain faithful we will eventually enjoy the blessings of a fruitful ministry resulting in the salvation of souls and life changing decisions.  There is no greater reward in the ministry than to know that your children walk in the truth.

       The times in which we live offer us a great opportunity to reach an unreached society but we must recognize that our responsibility is to remain faithful and do the work of the ministry. In the end God will give the increase.             

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