Church Planter Personality: People or Projects?

People or Projects

 God has created us as unique individuals; consequently there are no two people exactly the same. Though we each have a specific personality, which we were given at birth, there are two distinct temperaments by which every person can be identified.  The first personality is characterized as being people oriented. The second personality is characterized by being task oriented. Everyone fits into one of these two categories. There is nothing right or wrong about either disposition, it is just simply the way God made us.

I have known many preachers whom have great personalities and love to be around people. I have also known many preachers who love to work on projects and build things but are not known for their socializing. The preacher’s temperament will have some bearing on his style of ministry. Whether a man is more people oriented or task oriented, God has and can use both styles of ministry.

An important aspect of the ministry is to be the best you can be as God made you. Trying to mimic another preacher is not advisable. If you are a people person or a project person God has made you that way for a special purpose and you should not compare yourself to the personality of another man. Young men must learn to maximize the gifts God has given them.

Understanding your unique personality can help you to be more effective in the ministry, knowing that God can use you as He made you. If your personality trends toward meeting and talking to people you should be keenly aware that details and projects should not be ignored. Improving your tasking skills is part of growing as a preacher. You may never love the details of the ministry but you can improve your abilities in these areas.

Along with your personal growth you can identify people God has brought into the church who have skills you may be lacking. You may never be good at finances but God may bring someone to you that is proficient with money. Learn all you can but use leaders that are proficient in areas of your weaknesses. Finding and delegating tasks to others is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of wisdom and strength. If a man’s weakness is in social interaction he can improve his social skills even though it is not his strong point. Along with strengthening your weaknesses you should identify leaders who have good social skills. Utilizing their efforts will strengthen your ministry.

Balance is necessary in the ministry and to assume every member will thrive under your leadership style is unreasonable. Your ultimate goal should be to learn to be the best you can be, strengthen your weaknesses and utilize your leaders which ultimately will enrich your ministry. A good leader will always be growing in his character and at the same time utilizing members to augment his weaknesses.

            One man may be mostly concerned about the budget, the building and the program while another man may be more focused on the sick, the elderly or the young couples. Both tasks and relationships are important and becoming aware of your weaknesses and strengths will make you a stronger leader.

People and projects are both important and fortunately God has a plan to fulfill both requirements.

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