Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


Audio Sermons

Hope for the New Year

(01/02/08) by Jim Townsley

Wednesday Evening - Sermon on having hope in the Christian life.

To Be Used of God

(01/02/08) by Jim Townsley

Sunday AM - Sermon on living a life that may be used of God.

Submissive Servant

(12/03/07) by Jim Townsley

Sermon on having a servant's spirit and the importance of submission.

Being Thankful

(11/20/07) by Jim Townsley

Tuesday Evening

Male and Female

(11/18/07) by Jim Townsley

Sunday AM

The Godly Man

(11/18/07) by Jim Townsley

Sunday PM

Decision or Conversion

(11/04/07) by Jim Townsley

Sunday AM - The difference between an intellecual decision and spiritual conversion.


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