Central Baptist Church of Southington Connecticut


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The Price of Peace


Wednesday Evening - Nothing of any value is ever free. Anything worth having comes with a cost.


(02/17/08) by Jim Townsley

Sunday PM - An indepth sermon on Calvinism and the danger of its doctrines.

Why Independent Fundamental?

(01/27/08) by Jim Townsley

Sundy AM - Sermon on Fundamentalism and what it means to be a Baptist.

The Dangers of the Internet

(01/27/08) by Jim Townsley

Sunday PM - 'You can't be too holy."

Build Your Life on the Lord Jesus Christ

(01/23/08) by Jim Townsley

Wednesday Evening - Having a life that is built and grounded on the Lord.

Do You Understand the Bible?

(01/20/08) by Jim Townsley

Sunday AM - How to understand and correctly interpret the Bible.

The KJV Issue

(01/20/08) by Jim Townsley

Sunday PM - An in indepth look at why taking a stand on the King James Version of the Bible is important and why other versions are dangerous.


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